Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never to old to learn. Never to young to teach.

My son Phen, hubby Eric, and I stopped at the Chinese Buffet for dinner tonight. It was almost hysterical how dorky I was trying to figure out how to eat crab legs.

I know, I know... you pro crab eaters can laugh it up.

Poor things were being mutilated. Pieces of crab meat flying all over the place as I tried one way, then another. During the mayhem, I handed a leg to my son and asked, "can you show me". He tried breaking, twisting.. and then was quiet for a minute. Curious I looked up from my own destruction. Out of the silence, "Mom? Here, look." He broke it with ease, pulled the meat out perfectly and smiled. 

"How did you figure that out?", I asked.

With a cheesy grin and a lot of tact, he pointed to the 8 yr old boy next table over...successfully eating his crab legs with perfect precision and joy.

Never to old to learn, Never to young to teach. 

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Michael said...

Haha I loved this. I hate crab though, well I hate mostly anything where I can't just eat it. I only like food that doesn't take work to eat xD. Why eat around a bone with fried chicken when you can just chomp right into boneless or tender crisps? You are never to old to learn and never to young to teach though. Reminds me of the 8 year old asian boy who just graduated from college and is now tutoring the college students and older adults. I loved this story, gave me a quick laugh and I could reflect on my life on the moments where I had to have someone else help me. Loved it!

tony said...

the first time i eat crab legs i got stabed in the hand by one and the tip of the leg broke off in my hand...