Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One That Worked Me Over

Pondering and cleaning? Naw I have to go with grumbling and cleaning... Most people can multi-task and I was doing it quite well, if I do say so myself. There I was grumbling to the Lord about some idiotic things my favorite person was doing, and I was doing it while cleaning the house. Oh boy, was i disgruntled. Like a hungry lion with no food in site.

God decided it was time to take several of my not so good attitudes and do a work over; and because I don't listen right off, He has had to get my attention other ways. Well, without warning, lightening broke through the sky and zapped me right on the (pause), well nevermind where...

LOL, I would've totally deserved it, but instead God being gracious like He is, gently broke through my acidic thoughts and asked me a significant question. This one question turned my thought life around. I began to learn how to control those grumbly, gripey attitudes by reminding myself that I am no better than the next person (I would like to add, that it felt like it took forever to learn. In the mean time, I learned to dodge lightening quite well *winks*). What you are about to read came from this life changing quiet moment with The One That Worked Me Over

The One That Worked Me Over

So, to get on with the story… I continued cleaning and God popped me the question, "Veronica, what is the difference between your pride and their addiction?” 

Let’s see, did I rub my chin or scratch my head (or maybe I just stood there with my mouth gaping open. That would've been a beautiful site, eh?) while I took in that amazingly meditative question? Woah!! That was deep and it changed my attitude about others and the things they do (They’re still annoying though). 

You see… We all know that we like to secretly judge what others are doing. We even like to think that what we do is right (and of course it is, right?), while keeping tally of all the things others do wrong (You can buy a tally book like mine at www.TallysForLosers.com. Just kidding). On a serious note, while there are some things that have greater consequences than others, in God’s eyes there is no sin that is better or worse than any other sin. Sin is Sin, yo!

Let’s focus on ourselves above anyone else. Then with insight we can catch ourselves before we start heading down that dreary Judgment Alley. It's a spooky, dark and bustling place, that everyone gets sucked into. We easily get bumped and shoved due to all the travelers. The consequence for traveling this Alley doesn’t seem to be painful enough; as we seem to enjoy going back over and over again (I usually travel it disguised, so no one knows it’s me, smart eh?).

Let’s be honest (*cough cough*), we all have a tendency to visit there, even when we know better. 

Remember that time you learned that reeeeeally hard lesson (Ya, that one…), I’ll betcha anything that God had something to do with it. No matter how many times your family or friends told you, it didn’t hit you until God spoke to you in your quiet moment with Him (He worked YOU). 

We come to realize that God, the one that worked us over, will do the same for the pain in the ***** in our life. So now that we know this, we can relax and enjoy people for who they are, right?
One last final thought, we should clean our thoughts, not just our house...Yo!

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